Vietnam traffic

It takes some time to get used to the traffic in Vietnam.
In Vietnam is right-hand traffic.
The most popular transportation in Vietnam is the motorbike. A lot of tourists think the traffic in the big city’s like Hanoi are too busy and chaotic to rent a motorbike.

In the Camellia Hotel, Ninh Binh area, traffic is much calmer and that makes hiring a scooter the ideal way to explore the area!

A few important things to know about traffic in Vietnam:
1. On an intersection, drive calmly at the same pace.
There are many intersections without traffic lights. Unlike a lot of other countries, they are used to not stopping at the intersection. Drive here calmly and do not change your pace. The people in Vietnam are used to anticipating to your speed and driving ahead of or behind you. If you are slowing down or increase speed, then the chance for an accident is bigger.

2. Use your rear brake.
Many accidents happen because people use the front brake. If you brake too hard with your front brake, chances are that your front wheel will slip away and that you may go down or maybe even over the head.
If you hire a motorbike, then make sure you know wich one is your front and rear wheel break before you start driving.
When you have to make an emergency stop, you can also use the front brake carefully next to the rear brake.

Impression of traffic in Hanoi

Impression of traffic in Hanoi
Indruk van het verkeer in een grote stad als Hanoi 2

Impression of traffic in Ninh Binh